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Chronic Pain Management – Tired of taking Medication

Many people with chronic pain are tired of taking medications that make them sleepy, risk addiction, and present with side effects such as depression. Eventually, many of these people seek offices such as SportsPlus looking for ways to break the cycle of chronic pain and safely get off of medications.

We all understand the benefits of medications. But what if your chronic pain is related to an abnormal functional movement pattern? Can a pill change the pattern? No, a pill is not likely to fix a functional pattern! But care focusing on rehabilitating functional patterns will.

Our approach is multifold and includes joint mobility issues, soft tissue mobility issues, motor control issues, and looking into and modifying activities of daily living that may contribute to your pain syndrome.

Chronic pain affects an estimated 20% of people worldwide accounting for 15% to 20% of physician visits. Stop the cycle of pain. Call us today for a free consultation.

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