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Dr. Richard Asturias graduated from Life Chiropractic College West with the distinct honor of being named Valedictorian in 1995. In 2014, Dr. Asturias brought that same commitment to excellence to SportsPlus. He formerly served as a faculty member at Life Chiropractic College West, has taught continuing education seminars, and has worked as a consultant with other doctors in the field of worker's compensation. Additionally, Dr. Asturias is a certified whiplash specialist through the Spine Research Institute of San Diego. He is very familiar with auto related injuries and care.


Dr. Asturias works with many local athletes. He has a history of competitive running, triathlon and is a current Category 3 Masters Road Racer and Wenzel Cycling Coach. His personal experiences carry over enhancing his ability to relate to, and better treat, athletes. Dr. Asturias is available to speak at your facility on a variety of topics including Ergonomics in the Work Place and Home, Mobilization for the Athlete, Core strength, The Use of Rock Tape, Cycling Etiquette, and many other topics. Please call to book Dr. Asturias as a speaker. Classes can be lecture format or practical and commonly include both tailored to your industry and/or audience.


Dr. Asturias looks forward to helping you reach your personal health and performance goals.

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Richard Asturias DC

Born and raised in the East Bay, Dr. Justin Traille DC has grown up playing sports his whole life. Receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Health Science from Saint Mary’s College of California, he discovered his passion for working with athletes in prevention, recovery, and performance when he became a student trainer. He has sideline experience working basketball, volleyball, soccer, football, rugby, lacrosse, baseball, and softball from youth to the collegiate level. Taking that knowledge with him to Palmer College of Chiropractic in San Jose, he refined and grew his knowledge base, graduating with his Doctorate of Chiropractic with highest honors in December 2019. Using a combination of joint mobilization, myofascial release techniques, and specific functional exercises, Dr. Traille hopes to help you reach all of your health and fitness goals. Staying up to date on the most current research and treatment protocols, he is always learning new and effective ways to deliver the best care possible to his patients. 

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Justin Traille DC
Dr. Josh Bruce is a chiropractor focused on helping you get better and stay better. Utilizing exercise, muscle work, adjustments and movement corrections, he works to determine the cause of your problem and teaches you what to do to help prevent it in the future. Dr Josh splits his time here and working at a multidisciplinary clinic along side primary care doctors, nutritionists and mental health therapists. He oversees a team of chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists and sports medicine physicians. This helps give him a unique perspective into the different treatment options that are available and what can be done to get you back to your best quickly.
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Joshua Bruce DC, CES, PES

Shawn has had an affinity for the human body most of his life leading him to his career at the age of 32. Pursuing his education at the School of Healing touch in Castro Valley he obtained his certification in Sports Massage, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Prenatal and Hot Stone Therapy.

In his early career, he worked in the massage program with the Fremont Chiropractic Group and assisted in the after care for MUA's (Manipulation Under Anesthesia patients). Shawn then became a certified strength trainer in early 2004 and aided in physical therapy with Gary Lindahl PT, utilized stretching and rehabilitation techniques, trigger point, myofascial release and active release with the Legacy Strength Training in the Washington Outpatient Rehabilitation facility in Fremont, CA.


Now, with over 15 years experience as a knowledgeable and  professional licensed massage therapist, Shawn is a valued member of the Sports Plus team, specializing in Active Release Technique and athlete recovery.

Shawn enjoys all aspects of physical fitness, actively participating in Tough Mudder's, Spartan Races, Crossfit and any form of outdoor activities including mountain biking, running, and hiking.


Shawn also works at: Advanced Bodywork and Massage in Fremont (510) 432-5530

Shawn Brock LMT
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Avery began her massage therapy career at National Holistic Institute in San Jose completing 1350 hours of massage. Avery fell in love with learning about the human body and the way it moves, and she continued her education in Advanced Neuromuscular work, focusing on clients who have injuries or are very active with sports. She combines her knowledge of injuries, as well as her basic massage techniques to create a relaxing and therapeutic environment for the client. Avery recently became a Full Body Active Release Technique (ART) provider, helping to quickly relieve chronic ongoing pain. She takes pride in helping others and working with patients to identify and adapt to their specific needs. Developing a knowledgeable relationship with her patients is very important to her. Avery specializes in deep tissue work but also implements other manual techniques such as: Myofascial release, Trigger point, ART®, and Prenatal.


Avery enjoys being outdoors, and you will often find her walking her dogs, practicing yoga, or painting in her free time.

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Avery Williams LMT
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Sheree has been in the massage industry for over 30 years. Having owned two day spas and working on countless individuals, she loves to problem solve and get to the root of your pain. She has worked on a variety of individuals from workers compensation to Nike runners to the elderly and to athletes of various backgrounds. She worked closely with Chiropractors the first 20 years of business and looks forward to joining the team here at SportsPlus and getting back to her roots.

Sheree Carlson

Alana is the engine that makes the whole office run. If you have questions about scheduling, services, insurance, or how the Sharks are doing in the playoffs then Alana is your woman with all the answers

Alana Phillips
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