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Stretching for the Weekend Warrior

It’s Spring and many of you will soon be getting out and enjoying the beauty around you. But before you exercise, try Dynamic Stretching. Dynamic Stretching means shortly held stretches, even to be continuously moving while stretching. This allows increased tissue temperatures to be produced during warm-up and reduces the incidence and likelihood of musculoskeletal associated injuries while increasing performance. Think of Dynamic Stretches and treating the muscles like an accordion and the movement is washing fluids in and out of the muscles. The argument is that traditional Static Stretches done alone leave muscles cold with a low blood saturation. This dulls the adaptability of the muscle and thus leaves you more susceptible to injury. Dynamic Stretches can be designed to be sport specific and a routine typically only takes 5-10 minutes. Well worth the time!

Here are examples of Dynamic Stretches used for two posterior chain muscles: 1. Hamstrings: Toy Soldier March: keeping a straight leg, flex one hip lifting your leg straight out in front of you feeling a gentle stretch in your hamstrings. Now alternate each side as you walk. The stretch should become easier and the height should increase. Be careful not to arch your low back to ensure all the movement comes from the hip 2. Glutes: Knee lifts: As you’re walking, bring one knee up, grab it an pull it into your chest alternating as you walk. You can pull straight up or a little to either side.

Warming up the body correctly can improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. I hope these brief examples of Dynamic Stretching awakens your curiosity as much as it fuels your desire to get outside and enjoy Spring. Have questions? We'd be happy to help. Give us a call.

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