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There are many things that we do at SportsPlus that help you to move and feel better, including ART®, chiropractic adjustments, and LASER, but nothing is more important or more effective than the exercises that we perform in the clinic, and that you do on your own at home/in the gym. Exercise and truly just good quality movement is what helps you to not only get better, but to stay better.


All patients will receive some form of exercise as part of their treatment. It may be as simple as a chin tuck or a hip stretch to improve your posture throughout the day, or something more advanced like a single leg deadlift or drop jumps to sprints based on your ability and your goals.


Our rehab programs are designed to help you return to your peak condition after an injury or surgery*. We are able to utilize the variety of tools we have in the clinic such as the AlterG anti-gravity treadmill and the Class IV laser to help you safely return to activity faster, including running and jumping after ACL repair. The OptoJump movement system allows us to track your progress in redeveloping strength, power, balance and symmetry during your recovery. And our advanced training in corrective exercise and performance enhancement allows us to develop a precise program to maximize your recovery. So if you are still suffering from an injury or your post operative therapy did not get you back to the level you wanted then call to schedule an appointment at SportsPlus and see what we can do to help.

*We do not specialize in immediate post operative therapy and reccomend that you seek the services of a licensed Physical Therapist for your initial post op treatment according to the reccomendations of your surgeon. Our focus is on helping you go from being able to "get around" after surgery to where you are able to truly get back in action.


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