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What Conditions Do You Treat?

We focus on problems associated with your muscles, nerves and bones. So if you have an ache, a pain or a strain then this is the place for you. We treat a wide variety of conditions including neck and low back pain, sciatica, plantar fascitis, shoulder impingement, runners knee and we also do advanced/late stage rehabilitation to help you get back to activity after a major injury or surgery. If your symptoms include a fever or a rash a medical office will be a better place to start than our clinic. If you are unsure if we are the right clinic for your problem you can schedule a no cost consultation to help you determine what your problem is and if we can help.

What If My Problem Does Not Involve My Back?

While many people do think of chiropractors as back or spinal care experts,  our scope includes care of muscles and joints throughout the body. In fact almost a full 50% of cases that we treat involve non-spinal problems. The doctors at SportsPlus have continued to seek additional training in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries to the whole body, so you can feel comforatble no matter where it hurts.

Is Chiropractic Safe?

Although there is a risk with any medical procedure, chiropractic methods are generally very safe for treating patients. Most common side effects include minor aches and pain after treatment. While there has been some speculation regarding cervical manipulation and stroke those instances are very rare (less than 1 in 1 million adjustments) and the doctors take special care to reduce even those potential risks through the use of specific techniques and a thorough history and exam.

How Long Will I Need Chiropractic Care?

The SportsPlus Team uses a timeline approach to treatment. Before treatment begins, we will discuss what kinds of improvements you can expect to see and when you can expect them. This provides a gauge by which you can determine if you are achieving your health and wellness goals through a particular course of therapy or treatment.


The length of time needed to achieve wellness depends on the course of treatment taken, your living and nutritional habits, and the severity and duration of the problem. Some patients get results immediately. Others find that their recovery takes several weeks or longer. Children often respond quickly, while adults with long-standing spinal or extremity problems heal more slowly.

Will I Be Permanently Well Or Will My Condition Ever Recur?

The best answer is it depends. It depends on the condition, on your daily activities, and on several other individual circumstances. Our goal is always to help you find a permanent solution to your problem and most of our patients are successful in acheiving that goal. Some conditions are chronic however and will respond best to continuing care. Also, some people choose to continue care even after an injury has resolved, and if you think that may be beneficial for you, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. SportsPlus does its best to insure that when you are released from care you know how to prevent the situation from occurring again.

When Would I Need An X-ray?

Although X-rays are not a routine part of every diagnosis, certain medical criteria necessitate them. The SportsPlus Doctors normally recommend X-rays if any of the following situations apply to the patient, or if upon examination, it seems necessary:


• Acute trauma
• A long history of symptoms
• Radiation of pain down the arms or legs
• Extensive use of corticosteroid drugs
• Greater than 55 years of age



How Will The Adjustment Help Me?

The purpose of the adjustment is to “loosen up” a joint that is not moving correctly. This will allow an increase in range of motion of that segment. The muscles surrounding that segment will also be addressed to encourage continued motion.

What Educational Requirements Must A Doctor Of Chiropractic Complete?

 Aspiring chiropractors have similar undergraduate requirements as medical doctors. They then must compladete a four-year doctorate degree program that includes laboratory work, sciences, diagnosis, treatment procedures, and a clinical internship. Also, most chiropractic colleges require students to partake in clinical externship programs that place them in actual chiropractic offices so that they can further enhance their clinical practice skills.


Near or soon after graduation, chiropractors must successfully complete rigorous National and State Board examinations to obtain a license to practice. To ensure that a high level of competence is maintained, annual postgraduate continuing education is also required.

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